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Riley Gull-Smith July 31, 2021 - July 31, 2021

The Footprints of Riley

The Footprints of Riley

“When Riley would hear her dad, Steven, she would start to kick and move for as long as she heard him; siding with him all the time cause she would stay still when I spoke.

Just like her dad, she enjoyed being on the go; whenever we were driving the city streets, I would feel her squirm and move around the entire drive.

She slept during the day and became active during the night our favorite late night stack was a cup of warm coco; whole milk, coco mix, chocolate syrup topped off with whip cream and chocolate syrup.. boy, oh boy, did she have a reaction to this treat. She would combine all of her movements and then press ‘go’ after drinking this; but then soon after, we both would fall asleep…together.”


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    Brittany Hall says

    Love you boo!! So sorry for your loss!!!

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